Volume: 22  Issue: 2 - 2010
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1.Is postoperative pain only a nociceptive pain?
Dilek Ceyhan, Mehmet Sacit Güleç
Pages 47 - 52
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2.Effects of ketamine added to ropivacaine in pediatric caudal block
Ramazan Ödeş, Ömer Lütfi Erhan, Muhammed Demirci, Hülya Göksu
Pages 53 - 60
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3.Comparison of emotional status and physical activity between women with chronic widespread pain and fibromyalgia
Gamze Ekici, Uğur Cavlak, Nesrin Yağcı, Ummuhan Baş Aslan, Tuba Can, Veli Çobankara
Pages 61 - 67
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4.Content analysis of websites directed to low back pain
Nebahat Gülcü, Sefa Bulut
Pages 68 - 72
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5.The effects of the administration of subfacial levobupivacaine infusion with the ON-Q pain pump system on postoperative analgesia and tramadol consumption in cesarean operations
Sema Tuncer, Gökhan Aysolmaz, Ruhiye Reisli, Atilla Erol, Naime Yalçın, Alper Yosunkaya
Pages 73 - 78
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6.Burnout in healthcare workers in the Anesthesiology and Algology Departments in the Middle Anatolian region of Turkey
Didem T. Akçalı, Hakan Dayanır, Mustafa N. İlhan, Avni Babacan
Pages 79 - 85
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7.Pasha-Cath® in the treatment of post-thoracotomy pain syndrome
Kamer Dere, Enis Biçerer, Sezai Özkan, Güner Dağlı
Pages 86 - 90
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